RBT Task List Areas B,C,E Workshop (Español)

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August 1, 2021

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8:00 am

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Developing New Horizons

B. Assessment
B-1 Conduct preference assessments.
B-2 Assist with individualized assessment procedures (e.g., curriculum-based, developmental, social skills).
B-3 Assist with functional assessment procedures.
C. Skill Acquisition
C-1 Identify the essential components of a written skill acquisition plan.
C-2 Prepare for the session as required by the skill acquisition plan.
C-3 Use contingencies of reinforcement (e.g., conditioned/unconditioned reinforcement,
continuous/intermittent schedules).
C-4 Implement discrete-trial teaching procedures.
C-5 Implement naturalistic teaching procedures (e.g., incidental teaching).
C-6 Implement task analyzed chaining procedures.
C-7 Implement discrimination training.
C-8 Implement stimulus control transfer procedures.
C-9 Implement prompt and prompt fading procedures.
C-10 Implement generalization and maintenance procedures.
C-11 Implement shaping procedures.
C-12 Implement token economy procedures.

E. Documentation and Reporting
E-1 Effectively communicate with a supervisor in an ongoing manner.
E-2 Actively seek clinical direction from supervisor in a timely manner.
E-3 Report other variables that might affect the client in a timely manner.
E-4 Generate objective session notes for service verification by describing what occurred during the sessions, in
accordance with applicable legal, regulatory, and workplace requirements.
E-5 Comply with applicable legal, regulatory, and workplace data collection, storage, transportation, and
documentation requirements.

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Total Seats: 100
  • Developing New Horizons

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  • August 1, 2021 8:00 am   -   12:00 pm
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